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Are you looking for an upholstery cleaning company in and around Melbourne? Shinenoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is a leading and well-known upholstery cleaning service provider in Australia. We make certain to use cutting-edge products and cleaning methods to ensure that all varieties of client upholstery are thoroughly cleaned. With extensive experience cleaning various sorts of sofas, couches, and upholstery, there is no better option than choosing us. So there’s no need to be concerned when you appoint us for the job! We guarantee to quickly revive the beauty of your upholstery with our time and tested methods! Our industrial upholstery cleaning Melbourne solutions are particularly successful at removing germs, fungi, mould, wine and coffee stains, blood stains, and other contaminants. Our upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning, and professional couch cleaning services in Melbourne are quite well-known.

Types of Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your upholstery is good for your health and the wellness of your entire family. Our professional couch cleaning experts clean the deepest part of the upholstery fibres. Allergens such as dust, pollen, dander, and other allergens that irritate the skin, nose, and throat are removed. Our cleaning services will leave your upholstery pristine even after a thorough wash.

We utilise the following ways in our Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne services, depending on the type of material on your sofa.

    • Cleaning with dry foam

One of the most effective and safest upholstery cleaning methods is dry foam cleaning.

    • Steam cleaning a couch

The steam heat loosens and eliminates stains and other contaminants, restoring the clean appearance of your couch.

    • Cleaning using a dry solvent

In this method, perchloroethylene is often utilised to effectively disinfect the upholstery of difficult and ugly stains. Couch dry cleaning is one of the most efficient methods of upholstery cleaning.

    • Extraction using hot water

In hot water extraction cleaning, a cleaning solution is diluted with hot water utilising an automated upholstery cleaning equipment. The solvent will be sprayed on the upholstery and then removed to clean the fibres and remove dirt and stains.


Why Choose Us?

Shineoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne has gained competence and experience through years of service in this industry. We have vast experience in the upholstery cleaning sector, which has given us exposure and competence in various cleaning procedures. Our professional technicians and cleaners have always provided us an advantage and maintained us on top. As a result, we have always been able to provide our customers with exceptional cleaning results on the sofa services that we have been contracted for.

Our upholstery cleaning services are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our skilled cleaning team is there whenever you require couch cleaning in Melbourne. Call us at 0480090771 today for a quote and an appointment.

Shinenoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Upholstery Protection Tips

Our expert couch cleaner Melbourne professionals recommends the following tips for a long-lasting clean couch:

  • Weekly cleaning of couches is essential for keeping the upholstery clean and fresh for an extended period of time.
  • When self-cleaning at home, always read the label instructions first. Take the required procedures to clean the couches safely.
  • For severe stain damage, contact Shinenoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne right away for skilled sofa cleaning services.
  • Always use the appropriate cleaning method for the type of couch fabric. The incorrect use of heat or water on certain textiles might cause irreparable harm to the sofas.


Services for professional couch cleaning in Melbourne

Our Melbourne upholstery cleaning company offers high-quality, low-cost services. We are very skilled and specialised in eliminating soil, grime, and dust from upholstery, resulting in a superior cleaning outcome. To avoid obvious degradation and bruising, we scrub upholstery with care and delicacy. You may rest confident that if you entrust your valuable furniture to us, your upholstery will be clean and well-maintained.

Shinenoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Emergency Services

Shinenoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne offers same-day and emergency services around Melbourne. Our crew is available at all hours of the day and night. We serve you ceaselessly all throughout town, whether it’s a holiday or a weekend. We handle all of your emergency problems and arrive within 60 minutes of making an appointment. So, if you require our quick couch cleaning services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us at 0480090771 for a free quote!


Q.1 Is it feasible to clean a couch using steam?

Upholstery steam cleaners are specifically trained for cleaning furniture materials. This could be a handheld machine or a tool with adapters for usage on the floor. Avoid carpet cleaning tools with an upholstery cleaning feature. They are usually bulky and don’t fit well on couches, so they become soaked.

Q.2 Can a carpet cleaner be used to vacuum a sofa?

Scrubbing furniture upholstery should be done using a carpet cleaner. Stains produced by pet injuries or munching are simple to remove. Many carpet cleaners will clean couch upholstery, but for best results, you’ll need an upholstery adaptor and upholstery cleaning solution.

Q.3 Does your firm offer upholstery steam cleaning?

Yes, we do offer steam cleaning for your upholstery. For the same, our specialists are equipped with high-powered steam cleaning equipment. So, contact Shinenoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne now!

Q.4 Is your firm equipped with the necessary cleaning products and equipment to clean my leather lounge?

Yes, we have a large licenced and trained personnel. They have been taught to use the most effective cleaning tools and detergents for cleaning your leather lounge. Call us right now to schedule an appointment!!

Q.5 How do I pick the best sofa cleaning method?

A thorough evaluation of your upholstery type is used to determine the best couch cleaning approach. Our personnel are skilled at providing excellent couch cleaning services, so please contact us at 0480090771.

Q.6 Can you clean the stains on my couch?

Yes, Upholstery cleaning Brisbane services also include stain removal. We remove all types of stains from your couches so you can enjoy freshly cleaned sitting at home.

Q.7 Do you use tools to clean your couch?

Yes, Shinenoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne pros have access to the most up-to-date technologies and tools for successful couch cleaning.

Q.8 Is your upholstery cleaning service backed by a guarantee?

Shinenoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne guarantees the quality of its upholstery cleaning services. We guarantee that our specialists will deliver cleaning services to the best of their abilities and that you will be completely satisfied.

Q.9 Do you offer any emergency services?

Yes, we have a very devoted staff of technicians who are always eager to help our clients in an emergency. We are available around the clock. Call us for an immediate appointment.

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Shinenoz Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne has sought and strived to provide our clients with completely flawless upholstery services. To do so, we constantly update our cleaning packages and equipment to stay ahead of the competition. Over the years, we have serviced countless households, industries, offices, and flats. Your upholstery deserves all the care it can get to shine every day! Call us for excellent upholstery cleaning and aftercare in Melbourne

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